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Timothy Fitzpatrick, MBA

4573 Ladder Court, Las Cruces, NM 88012 - Phone: (575) 496-6172 - Email: tim@timothyfitzpatrick.com

Business Management Professional
- Introduction -


    I am an MBA with Strong Analytical Quantitative Technical Abilities. I am seeking a new position  after having recently graduated from an Internationally Accredited Business College. In 2005, I returned to complete my college education. I now have coupled a strong background in information technology and engineering with A.S., B.B.A., and M.B.A. degrees to form a complete set of business tools. This gives me the qualifications that are needed to succeed in a new area of endeavor.    

    I invite you to read the information that I have provided on this website in order to gain a better understanding of my skills, education and experience. I challenge you to inquire further by contacting me for an informal phone interview, scheduling an internet teleconference, or inviting me to a face to face meeting with you in order to discuss how I fit into your organization, and, what results I expect to return. 

    I am willing to relocate, embrace an opportunity to travel, and, I am confident that I can thrive in your organization. Together, we can be victorious in business.

                                                                                  - Timothy Fitzpatrick -



MBA - Experienced Engineering CAD Designer, IT Business Owner, WebMaster & Consultant seeking new opportunities utilizing my diverse skill set and education in a technical management area of a business field.  I bring a truly diverse background of business, engineering and Information technology experience. This, coupled along with my advanced education specializing in Managerial Leadership and Operations Management, allow me to transpose seamlessly and perform professionally in your organization.


         Listed below are some of the skills and abilities that I possess: 

  • Team Leader and Group Leader throughout my Undergraduate and Graduate College of Business courses.
  • Mentoring and Instruction of Business Computer Systems provided as Teaching Assistant to PhD Doctorate staff at New Mexico State University.
  • Administration of SAP Enterprise Platform in a team developmental excercise environment.
  • CRM experience derived through successful Sales of Products and Services relating to Engineering and Technology. 
  • Professional ORACLE Database Management services for Princeton University Ivy League Graduate School.
  • Experienced Programmer with recent skill emphasis on ABAP used primarily in SAP systems.
  • Accomplished Engineering CAD Design Consultant in Manufacturing and Production environments.
  • Owner and Operator of Information Technology and CAD Design Business servicing clients in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area of Northeastern United States. 
  • Inventor and Patent Holder for "AT&T Bell Lab's" Robotic Workstation used in high speed factory lean manufacturing assembly lines.
  • Extensive education in EIP and Website Development via HTML, NetWeaver and Visual Composer.
  • Operations Management -  I am disciplined in the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are made efficient by using as little resource as needed and effective by meeting customer requirements.
  • Managerial Leadership - I am trained to provide an environment that promotes direction from a vision created by management while maintaining cooperation and success through teamwork and mentoring.  

           Thank you for reviewing my professional website, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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